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Radio Mock Test Sites

Welcome to the new Hamtests Site. We will be tweaking this over the coming days and weeks.

What you will need is hosting / server capable of running moodle with PHP and MySQL. We would also request a link back to our site. These are available for Non-Commerical use. (for clarification, this includes no making money for Adverts online).

No support is offered with these downloads, but any issues should be solved on the Moodle forums.

Sites Running Questions
What Happened to the Tests?

Or how can I do the Amateur Tests on this site?

At the end of August 2018 we closed Hamtests for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Amateur Radio mock tests.

It was run by 2 people and some others who helped over the years, but was too much for us in the end.

As we had always agreed never to sell the site or the personal info, this site has been set up for other UK Amateur Radio Clubs and Organisations to have access to the Questions (& associated images) for free, and we will link to them.